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Cisco 8851 - Call Log History - Shared Lines

Hello - Is there a way you can enable it so Cisco user (8851 handset) can log his missed, placed received etc for ALL lines on his phone? He has a few shared lines along with his own. I have checked the box on the shared lines 'log missed calls' but he needs to capture all calls in his history log as they are a Team. Any ideas if that can be done? Thanks so much!

Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee

Hi Tracy,

As per the 8800 series user guide:

Call History allows you to view information about the last 150 calls on your phone.

The received and placed calls from shared lines are logged in the Call History. To view all the call history logs, open the Call History screen. The following table describes the call state, icon, and tag for shared lines.

Call State Call Icon Tag

Locally placed calls


Locally received calls


Remotely placed calls

Remote Placed

Remotely received calls

Remote Received

Missed calls


On the Cisco IP Phone 8811, the icon is gray.


Are you seeing a behavior different from the above or expecting the phone to behave differently from what is documented?



Thank you for your response. Here is our issue. He needs to be able to see all call history even when his line is answered by his Assistant at her desk. Is there a way to show all call activity on his telephone number regardless of what phone answered the call?

Did you ever work this out? We are looking to do the same thing. Seems like it would be common sense that if an assistant picks up a call on the line of the person they support that person should also see that call in their history.

Look for 'Record Call Logs from Shared Line' on the 8851 phone. I was able to get the call logs show after enabling this option under Product Specific Configuration Layout.

Ramesh, you are awesome! Thanks so much for this. No one I've talked to or even Cisco employees have given me this solution. Again, thanks!

i have 8841 phones. i enabled that setting and still i can't see the call the assistant answered

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