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Cisco 8945 - How to change to SIP


Hello Everyone,


I just bought 4 new CP-8945-K9, I can't confirm they are in SCCP mode or not, but they probably are,


I've read several guides on how to update bootloader and then flash the new firmware, I downloaded trough cisco the SIP software, but when I open the Status Messages it keeps looking for these files:


- CTLSEP5ca48afe11d5.tlv

- SEP5ca48afe11d5.cnf.xml

- ITLSEP5ca48afe11d5.tlv


Where can I locate these files? in order to proceed with the bootloader upgrade in order to flash the SIP firmware?


Thanks in advance


Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

Do a factory reset and try.


Reset the Phone to the Factory Settings from the Phone Keypad

You can reset the phone to the factory settings. The reset clears all the phone parameters.

Step 1   Remove power from the phone in one of these ways:
  • Unplug the power adapter.
  • Unplug the LAN cable.
Step 2   Press the pound (#) key and plug the phone in.
Step 3   When the Headset and Speaker buttons are lit, enter the following key sequence:


The phone resets.

Perform Factory Reset from Phone Menu

To perform a factory reset of a phone,

Step 1   Press Applications.
Step 2   Choose Administrator Settings > Reset Settings > All.

If required, unlock the phone options.

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Sadav Ansari
Enthusiast Enthusiast

Perform factory reset of the phone ( not recommended because sometime phone not comes up after factory resetting)  or delete the ITL file from the phone by go to Setting>>Security>>Trust List>>ITL file if lock press **# then erase the ITL file.

Or Reset all setting from the phone


IF phone already configured as a SCCP delete the phone add as a SIP once phone booting up it will automatically download firmware from cucm in case latest sip firmware installed on cucm for 8945 model.


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I forgot to mencion, 


I do not have a CUCUM, How can I make it SIP?

Roger Kallberg
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VIP Mentor

A trick that is good to have in the bag for this is to change the configuration for default load in CM for the model so that both SIP and SCCP loads have the same value as the one for SIP. This way the phones would download the SIP firmware even if they think it’s requesting the one for SCCP. When downloaded change the name of the SCCP configured phone, or remove it, in CM, if applicable, and create a phone, with directory number, for SIP with the actual MAC address as the name. Once you have converted the phone to SIP change the value in default loads back for SCCP to what it was from the beginning.

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I'm sorry, I forgot to mention, I only have the phone, no CM


How could I change to SIP this way? Thanks

This has been covered plenty of times. Use the search option in the forum to find the process.

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@secretAlpaca wrote:


Look at the back of the phones (all of them) and find out what the "Hardware Revision" number is. 

If there is no CUCM and the requirement is to get these phones to work on 3rd-party call managers, then the following are required: 

Kindly confirm your existing setup how you are connecting phones and how phones getting power means from POE switch or additional power adapter ?



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As @Roger Kallberg  mentioned its covered many times.


The below is one for converting SIP to SCCP, Use the concept to convert sccp to SIP.


@Leo Laohoo provided you all information regarding the required components.




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