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Cisco CP-840 as controlled device in Jabber-Client / CUCM14/IM&P14

Hi guys,

we are actually struggling to integrate the new 840 phones in the Jabber client as controlled device.

It worked with the 79xx, 88xx, all the used phones before, regardless if wired or wireless, the config on the callmanager seems to be correct (same like for the existing phones), it´s even showing up in the jabber client on windows, but cannot be controlled as an endpoint there for calls.

The firmware on the phone is the most recent 1.9, deployed two days before, but the problem persists.

Is there a speciality which has to be considered compared to old phonetypes?

I am not too specific on purpose regarding firmware and versions, more in general for now. Because i still hope we got just something basically wrong/forgot to check a needed box which wasn´t needed before.

Thanks for input!


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i saw that already, but didn´t assume that it would be a showstopper integrating the successor of the 8821 in an existing IM&P/Jabber environment. Especially because it shows up and looks fine so far, at a first glance


Maybe it's just not supported.
CUCM 14 SU3 should be coming in the next days at maybe it's supported then. Or maybe in the next release(s) of the phone.

Let´s hope so, it´s not the case that we want to roll out a new IM&P/Jabber environment, we simply want to integrate the shiny new devices (which work quite well btw compared to the 8821) in the existing environment. And for sure keep the functinalities the customer uses since years there.

The 840s solved already lots of the WiFi issues with the 8821, so it would be awesome if the features which were used with the old phones could be kept up with the successor.

We can just hope.
There was a similar discussion in the last day about 840 and UCCX

indeed, i participated

AFAIK you cant control those 840 phone because as @b.winter mentioned CTI is not support on that phone.

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