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Cisco CP 8851-3PCC 2 Upper Line keys blinking green yellow red


Hi all,


My CP8851-3PCC phone can't register as asterisk extesion, after submitting changes phone reboots and begins key blinking. I try to reset it to factory defaults, but after reset on first time boot phone requires activation code.

There was installtd 11-0-0MPP-7 firmware. I upgrade it to 11-2-3, and then 11-3-1, but without any luck.Another phone (same model) works good with this Asterisk server.

When I check status with identical configuration, I find only 1 difference -

Client certificate: Not Installed

Please, help how can I resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Vaijanath Sonvane
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Can you try below hard factory reset procedure:

Step 1

Remove power from the phone in one of these ways:

  • Unplug the power adapter.
  • Unplug the LAN cable.
Step 2

Wait 5 seconds.

Step 3

Press and hold # and plug the phone back in.

Step 4

When the Headset and Speaker buttons are lit, release # and enter the following key sequence:


The light for the Headset button turns off after you press the 1 key. After you enter the key sequence, the Mute button lights.


Do not power down the phone until it completes the factory reset process, and the main screen appears.

The phone resets
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Thanks, Vaijanath S.


No any luck, same issue.


What it the Hardware Version of the phones you have?

Info --> Status --> Product Information. 

So you have two 8851, one of them does not have the certificate installed? Is that correct? 

Please share the hardware version for both. 



Both hardware versions are V01.

But client certificate installed int only one of them.

Also, activation code requires phoe, which does not have client certificate.




So the phone which have the lights flashing is the one with no certificate installed? 



They are same.


I also have a 8851 here which I've been running tests on and it looks like you might have a phone a corrupted Manufacturer Installed Certificate (MIC). 

If that happens, the phone will display the certificate status as "Not Installed". 

If you look at the logs you will see something similar to: 

1002 ERR Nov 13 02:13:36.532705 (545:545) SECUREAPP-Initialize MIC :Invalid data length
1003 ERR Nov 13 02:13:36.532796 (545:545) SECUREAPP-[MIC loading]Failed to initialize MIC data struct
1004 ERR Nov 13 02:13:36.532863 (545:545) SECUREAPP-[Certificate Initialization] Failed to load MIC - error -1
1097 NOT Nov 13 02:13:36.805102 (545:545) SECUREAPP-RES_INIT_MODE_UNKNOWN: Initializing to sec mode UNKNOWN (default)
1098 ERR Nov 13 02:13:36.805195 (545:545) SECUREAPP-[CertificateX509] Invalid MIC 0
1099 NOT Nov 13 02:13:36.805221 (545:545) SECUREAPP-MIC_DBG: No MIC in secure storage !!
1100 ERR Nov 13 02:13:36.805242 (545:545) SECUREAPP-MFG_ERR: MIC does not match MFG data !! - Removing MIC from Resources ...
1101 NOT Nov 13 02:13:36.810812 (545:545) SECUREAPP-SEC_CAPF_INIT: CAPF initialized
1102 NOT Nov 13 02:13:36.812664 (545:545) SECUREAPP-MAIN_START_SRV: Starting service...
0146 WRN Nov 13 02:13:56.497265 (883:883) voice-Did not retrieve MIC certificate from API
0147 WRN Nov 13 02:13:56.497328 (883:883) voice-SSL_Init_Task continuing SSL initialization with no MIC


My advise would be to contact your Cisco rep or TAC to get this phone looked at. Maybe replaced. 



Many thanks for information.

I've found the same errors in my phone.


I will try to contatc support and talk about RMA.

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