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Cisco IP Communicator always saying Configuring IP



I've just install and it's always saying ''Configuring IP''.

The softphone is just displaying the date and time.

The only thing that seem to work is the enteprise directory.  I can see our company phone directory with name of employee and extension number.

device name = SEP(MAC adress)

TFTP server ip server is good.

I can download my cnf.xml file with this command :

tftp get SEP(MAC adress).cnf.xml  (Transfert successful)

In the status of the softphone it says :

File not modify SCCP42.9-0-3S

SEP(MAC adress).cnf.xml

Failed update CTL

I also did a netstat -an :



My call manager admin says the phone is registered in call manager.

If someone has an idea where i should start looking.


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Chris Deren
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Hall of Fame

Do you have the phone defined as IPC in CUCM?

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Do you have the phone defined as IPC in CUCM?

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Thanks for the reply.  I will ask my admin to confirm this information on monday.


Well it seem that your are right.

My system admin copied my desktop phone profile and only change my SEP(MACadress).

But she tell me that she doesn't have the choice to choose CIPC.....

We have another employee that has CIPC and in his profile she has the CIPC choice.

Just to test my installation i use the SEP(Macadress) of the other employee in my CIPC and my softphone work great.

We bought two license.

We must be missing something.


It needs to be defined as:

"Cisco IP Communicator"

it should be there, as it's been available for several years.


She tell me that the phone type is stuck to 7942 and the phone button template doesn't include the choice for CISCO IP COMMUNICATOR.

I'm guessing that since she copied my desktop 7942 phone that after you cannot change the phone type.

So probably she need to delete this phone and recreate a new one with the proper phone type selected?


Your Admin does not seem to know how to admister the system, it has nothing to do with phone button templates, she needs to delete the hard phone and build it from scratch as IPC device.



You are right my system admin doesn't know how to administer the system.  Not really good for us.

We finally got it running but it tool 2-3 week for the service company to come in and do the modification.

They did exactly what you told me and created a new IPC phone.

I would like to thanks you for you help.

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