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Cisco IP Communicator ES



Does anybody have the engineering special release for CIPC I've seen the below thread off the related bug but unable to source this directly from Cisco as the version of CUCM is EOL/EOS.



BUG Post:


If anybody has it to make available, would be greatly appreciated.


Tássio Duarte

Hello everyone!


I already had the bug problem (CSCvc46415), the CIPC intermittently closed for no apparent reason on Windows 10 OS. After much struggle with the TAC, they send me the version of CIPC, it is not available on the cisco site and can only be provided by TAC. Fortunately I have this version here with me and I share it with you! As this file is too large (82MB), I'll be sharing via Google Drive. Follow the download link below:


After applying this new version, the problem of incompatibility with Windows 10 OS is gone.


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I am happy to help you guys!


Tássio Duarte

Hello Tassia, I hope business is good :)


Our environment is also impacted by this bug. I tried to access the link you provided to download however it is blocked by our security proxy. Would yo be able to send me this file somehow? Maybe zip attach it?


Very useful post, thanks a lot!

Hi Tássio,


Thanks for this. Download worked fine.



Nipun Singh Raghav
Cisco Employee

Did you check CCO ? It should have ES for CIPC.

Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

Hi Nipun,


When I was with this problem, I tried to search everywhere but to no avail.

Only the TAC was able to provide me this version




Tássio Duarte



Cisco TAC has a newer version of the engineering special (v (FYI: ES crashes after the latest windows 10 update this week)

do you happen to have a copy of

James, follow below the link to download:



I'm pretty sure someone mentioned that TAC has and I'm pretty sure I asked if someone had that version? Your link is old and there is something broken in because I can't use the dialpad when interacting with IVR (no dtmf) and that's if it even dials out which most of the time it doesn't so I had to go back to

Hi James,


Yes, you right. Cisco already have a new version for IPCC different of this that I provided you. Unfortunately I have no this version to provide you and is not available to download on Cisco page, try to download it via PUT (Product upgrade tool) or open a TAC case, I'm sure that TAC can provide it to you.




Tássio Duarte



If Cisco provides the most up to date version, can you please share it with us too?

Your link has helped us immensely this week!

Can someone please share



@Tássio Duarte 

Could you please share the version of Cisco IP Communicator that you have again?


Thank you.

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