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DTMF tones not working

Hello, I'm having issues with dtmf tones with a customer, DTMF tones do not seem work after call is established, I have enabled debug for 'voip rtp session dtmf-relay' but I'm a bit lost honestly. As far as I can see negotiation is completed but it s...

shiber32 by Beginner
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Resolved! My Unity Connection upgrade attempts keep failing---8.6 to 11 failed, 8.6 to 10.5 failed

Would you guys have any ideas or hints to maybe help me? We have been trying since Friday morning to upgrade our Cisco Unity Connection Servers.We use virtual servers and our current version of Cisco Unity Connection is 8.6.2ES44.22900-44 We first ...

kwajmahall by Beginner
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hi I have a router 2901 cme I have an fxo interface and connected it to the modem of my proveider on the analog rg11 input I risk to call and be called but I have a problem when they call me from the outside the phone rings even after the local call ...

Resolved! SIP trunk between cucm and ISE went down post adding new cucm node

High all ,we have sip trunk between expressway and cucm and it was working perfectly .we have added new CUCM sub node to the cluster and once I added the new cucm node in expressway under neighbour zone it give TLS negotiation failed.I disabled TLS v...

TATA SIP Trunk registration issue

I have a SIP trunk in India with TATA which I cannot get registered and the provider is of no help.  The relevant config is here: sip-uacredentials number XXXXXXXXXXXXXX username XXXXXXXXXXXXXX password 7 YYYY realm SIP-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXauthentication u...

Chris Deren by Hall of Fame Master
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Resolved! Moving from PRI to SIP Trunk

We're looking at replace our PRI's and use SIP Trunks to get to PSTN.Does a setup like that require Cisco Border Element?  or is there another way it can be done?What's the confort level from replacing PRI with SIP trunks.  I know PRI's are rock soli...

ty.masse by Beginner
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