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Hi I have one jabber user which is enabled as local user. Its not yet synched with AD. If its not get synched in next re-sync, what we can do ?If we go with "perform full sync now"  option ,will it sync all previous users as well ? if yesWill it caus...

Hi1) I have made one local user and tried to log in jabber for testing purpose, when launched jabber client its directly starts authenticating with active directory. Its don't give option for username and passwords.   I have cleared cache and perform...

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Hi All,Hope somebody could help me out. This is driving me craxy!My CUCME is falling over about every 12 hours and dropping all calls wether it via E1 or POTS. When i do a show log i get the following:-%IVR-3-LOW_CPU_RESOURCE : IVR: System experienci...

I uploaded a PNG file in the format required for the 8800's. 800x480x24I have also listed in the List.XML.  When I added to the common phone profile under the background image and check the box to override it does not show up on the phone.  Any ideas...

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MrButton by Beginner
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