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Cisco IP Phone CP-7841-3pcc failing firmware upgrade due to "Unknown error"

I purchased this phone for my small business and I wanted to upgrade its firmware before provisioning it on my platform. I am trying to upgrade it using HTTP method which I had tried before for other Cisco models and it worked every time.

The running version is sip78xx.11-0-0MPP-7 Trying to upgrade to sip78xx.11-1-1MPP-897


This is the debug info from device:

4072 NOT Dec 10 20:00:53.894735 (877:877) dgetimage-XXTP complete - status = 100 
4073 NOT Dec 10 20:00:53.900473 (877:877) dgetimage-GETIMG AUTH RAM FILE
4074 ERR Dec 10 20:00:53.903494 (877:877) dgetimage-sec_validate_image_file
4075 ERR Dec 10 20:00:53.904135 (877:877) dgetimage-sec_validate_image_file Cisco header size (340) 
4076 ERR Dec 10 20:00:53.905112 (877:877) dgetimage-IMGAUTH_FILE_ERROR Not a valid cisco image header
4077 NOT Dec 10 20:00:53.905844 (877:877) dgetimage-astat = -1, realfname=sip78xx.11-1-1MPP-897.loads, buf->offset=0
4078 NOT Dec 10 20:00:53.907187 (877:877) dgetimage-GETIMG-DEBUG auth astat:[-1], VFY_SUCCESS:0

Any suggestion is appreciated.


Cisco Employee

Can you take a PRT from this phone and send it over? I would be able to help further after looking into it.




Here you go!

Any chance the files got overwritten while transferring? Or maybe the loads is corrupted?


I see the folder is for 11-1-1MSR2-1 whereas the loads file used is 11-1-1MPP-897

Can you try downloading a new copy of 11-1-1MPP-897 from the software download page and put it in a new folder and retry the upgrade?

I did, I even tried other version. The error on all is same. Doesn't validate the image_file. I downloaded the file from here why is not valid?


9159 ERR Dec 11 01:00:25.558064 (1880:1880) dgetimage-sec_validate_image_file Cisco header size (340) 
9160 ERR Dec 11 01:00:25.559407 (1880:1880) dgetimage-IMGAUTH_FILE_ERROR Not a valid cisco image header
9161 NOT Dec 11 01:00:25.560139 (1880:1880) dgetimage-astat = -1, realfname=sip78xx.11-2-1MPP-630.loads, buf->offset=0
9162 NOT Dec 11 01:00:25.560597 (1880:1880) dgetimage-GETIMG-DEBUG auth astat:[-1], VFY_SUCCESS:0
9163 NOT Dec 11 01:00:25.561055 (1880:1880) dgetimage-GETIMG: 2nd try for file sip78xx.11-2-1MPP-630.loads
9164 NOT Dec 11 01:00:25.564992 (1880:1880) dgetimage-handle_getimg_xxtp(): load server configured and ignore edge

This error is seen when the phone downloads a load file which is not meant for this model.


I assume you have already tried the following:

1. Downloaded a new set of image from

2. Unzipped it in a new folder where no other images have been kept.


If not please attach a copy of the .loads file you are using.



Also I see that in the Upgrade Rule in Voice->Provisioning has been set as:

Can you correct this to point to the right loads file as accessible from a browser:
or wherever the loads file is stored.

All the images I downloaded were from

I understand they were downloaded form What I want to ensure is that there was no corruption during download. If you can follow these 3 steps we can rule that out from the equation: (along with any overwriting issues when we put it in a new folder)


1. Downloaded a new set of image from

2. Unzipped it in a new folder where no other images have been kept.

3. Use proper Upgrade rule path<NEW FOLDER>/sip78xx.11-1-1MPP-897.loads





I have a very similar problem when trying to upgrade an 8851.


I am also having issue with the phone picking up its upgrade rule - the phone will not pick this line up out of the config file. 

GUI SCREEN: Voice Tab->Provisioning Tab
<!-- Firmware Upgrade -->
<Upgrade_Rule ua="na"></Upgrade_Rule>


Thanks for your help

PRT attached.

I think you should post this as a new query. Else it gets lost in this one as the issue is different.

Cisco Employee

In the HTTP server ensure you replace all files from the new firmware. If possible add the new firmware files to a new folder and retry the upgrade from the new location.

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