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Syed Akbar Ali

Cisco IPT Solution.

Dear Support,

As now we have old setup with CCM 4.1 with 7 users as hunt group (service line from Telco as E1) using login to the phone and have third party software to record all the calls  and uploaded the custom voice prompt.

Beside that we already have new Build CUCM 9.1.2.  and cisco 3945 VG and we want move above service to new CUCM 9.1.2 system.

if Customer dial the service line need to  give the prompt and divert call to cisco IP  phones call need to be recorded.

So please advice what will be solution for above along with recording the call .

Instead of going to Cisco Contact system solution . can we upload the prompt on cisco unity connection for the service line.  

Thanks & Regards




Tagir Temirgaliyev
Frequent Contributor

I tested free Call Recording software

Oreka: Open source voice recording system

 It works via SPAN port/vlan mirroring at the switch level.


Yes, you can move these things to CUCM 9.1 (assuming you have free port on E1 card at 3945) and can upload required prompt on CUC.

But for recording solution you need to check the compatibility.


Hi Suresh,

Yes, i have enough ports to connect E1,  we have dedicate E1 line 1878589 frm telco for the Customer support (10 Users) with out DID Numbers . On Existing VG 3945 running E1's with DID ranges . without effecting to existing setup . i need to make work for E1 line 1878589

So please advice what's are thing i need to configure from CUCM 9.x, Voice Gateway 3945, Cisco Unity Connection for Welcome prompt.

Thanks & regards




How 3945 gateway has added to CUCM, I mean is it H323 or MGCP or SIP ?



can you set answers for the below:-

1- Which protocol did you use between CUCM & VG  as "H323, MGCP or SIP "?.

2- You need to insert new service on existing E1 which already which is already runn from Service provider side and you need to do a scenario when a call come to 1878589 the user should hear welcome message , please confirm .

3-Inside the welcome message did you need to add any facilities , as for internal press 1 , for help press 0 , etc ...



please rate all useful information




1)Using protocol  H323

2) yes when customer dial the no 1878589 can hear the welcome prompt and transfer call to the next available customer support user as like round robin or distribution algorithm.

3) no need of any press 1 or 0 inside welcome message . call go directly to customer support users available . when dial 1878589 after welcome message.



Below are the high level steps to do it:

1. Nee to configure new E1 in H323 gateway.

2. In H323 gateway you need to create two dial peers, one between PSTN and Gateway and another one between Gateway and CUCM (instead of it you can use existing one if new extension series is same as existing). And you need to manipulate the number using translation rules & profiles as per current dial plan and what service provider sends digits to gateway.

3. You need to configure 10 user' phones in CUCM 9.1 and add them in a hunt group.

4. Need to forward all calls to CUC first.

5. Need to create a system call handler in CUC and upload the wav file/prompt there and enable transfer on system call handler to route the call back to user' phone/hunt.

For detailed steps please refer admin guide of CUCM and CUC.

Hope this will help you.


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