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Cisco Jabber missing feature

Hello together,


we will use in our company more and more Jabber instead of desk phones.


Now we miss some feature or have trouble with Jabber.


The most of the time our user ask us for a call back function. We know that you can get a message when a Jabber user is available again, but not all of our user use Jabber. This is not a real solution and a step backwards. I saw a bug request CSCup87632 with the answer:

Just an enhancement request


When a user has only the Jabber Client and is out of the office (ill, external appointment, etc.) other user get only a fast busy tone. Most caller think that the user is only busy and did not know the different. Voicemail is not a solution for everybody.


Next point is call forward. Before it was possible to call forward at the users desk phone if he was not available, but this is not possible now. Only a CUCM Admin can do this.


Call forward to a unregistered Jabber user is also not possible. From time to time i happens that a user is away. His colleague leaves later and want to forward all calls, because he know that he is not in the office next working day. This is not possible to unregistered user.


We know also the benefits, but we search for a solution to handle these points. If somebody know a solution it would be great to share this.


Thanks for your help of hints.



VIP Advisor

Hi Stefan,

Although I agree Jabber is have some area improvement, I can't see why you
don't see voicemail an option for everybody especially when you can
integrate it with outlook or minimum to forward voice messages to email.
this is the same scenario when the deskphone is disconnected or extension
mobility profile is logged off. You see this frequently because of the
mobile nature of jabber. Other options instead of voice mail are extend and
connect or jabber mobile app.

Regarding call forward, I don't understand exactly what is your concern as
you can forward calls from the jabber client same as you do in desk phone

Voicemail costs something. maybe this is a barrier for some customers.



thanks for your answer.

@ Mohammed

I do not mean the normal call forward during a call.


This call forward is not possible for a colleague of the user who is ill as example(Only cucm admins).


If you try to call forward to an unregistered phone this fails. Admins can forward the calls under the line, but this is not wanted.


@ A_


We have the licenses, but this is to hard to explain why some use can not use voicemail.





I can forward all to all numbers that are reachable from the configured calling search space. cucm / jabber just checks if there is a loop or css can reach the number. there is no more check as far as i know.

i think you have a calling search space problem? are you sure the calling search space that is assigned to the "forward all" field can reach the number?


If a line has no registered phone it is not possible to forward to this line. The CSS is correct and if your register the line it is immediately possible.


Did  you make sure to assign forwarding behavior/css (to VM probably) for an unregistered state?  

VIP Engager

The Self Care Portal is still available for a user to make line setting changes - I’m not sure that you can’t do this with only a CSF device. 


Regarding the reorder tone, this is working as it should if there is no active station at the target DN. You can deploy these with a CFUR destination to a recording to let the caller know the person they are trying to reach is unavailable, generically. 


Call Back or Camp On is not something that I’ve used personally, however even non Jabber users can display phone presence if tethered to an account, providing the equivalence to a BLF when on the users roster. This does not carry on to anonymous devices, but Jabber is user oriented. The availability state shown in the UCM doesn’t carry over to Jabber unfortunately as far as I can tell, as you can’t subscribe to presence for a line with the client. Not ideal but a possibility. 


Hello Adam,


the Self Care Portal is available with only a CSF device, but if the user is not in the office it will not be possible to do it.


I will try to use a recodring at CFUR.


I do not use it too, but our user and that is a big problem for them.




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