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Cisco Jabber on Mobile Phone seen as Disconnected After Several Minutes Away

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Level 4

Hi Guys,


My company is about to use Cisco Jabber to substitute physical desk phone and we are currently testing it. The server is running well and we are able to communicate from inside and outside company's network connection.


So we tested the Jabber on laptop (Windows), Android, and iPhone. But in the first week of live testing, I discovered something. If the Jabber is being idle for some time (no call or text during the time being), let's say for 1 hour, the status on other people's Jabber is disconnected. He has to open the app manually so his status changed available.


Here is the 'simulation'. A and B is using Jabber. A uses Jabber pretty often since she feels Jabber could substitute other application like Whatsapp, etc for work. But B is on deadline and rarely uses Jabber since he focus his mind on his work. When A tries to contact B via Jabber, B's status is offline, even though he has an internet connection. A asks to B why his Jabber is disconnected, B says he does not disconnect his Jabber and his internet connection is working fine. So B open his Jabber and now his status is available (green).


Is the behavior explained above is expected? Since my company is moving from physical desk phone to Jabber, I am looking for a smooth transition. And problems like this should be anticipated.


The problem like B so far only discovered in iPhone and high-end Samsung Android smartphones. I googled and found this bug But it says only affecting Jabber version 11, while we are using version 12.  Does the condition really relate to how the OS behave (kill background app)? If so, is there any way I can prevent it?


Thank you,


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Check this and hope this would help


Verify the Push Notifications Prerequisites

Abhay Singh Reyal
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Hi Abhay,


I will try with my vendor regarding this. Will post the update once it is finished. Thank you.

Hi Abhay,


I just checked with my vendor yesterday and all of the prerequisites are fulfilled. All of the services are already enabled and websites allowed. But still, iPhone users are experiencing the issue.


I found a related article ( When I cross checked with my system, the only thing missing is SNR. My vendor said that the feature is not necessary to be turned on since iPhone users is able to make or receive a call, but only when the app is not killed in the background.

Hi fdharmawan,


did you manage to solve this issue?

Currently our jabber iOS users also face this issue,



Hi Ovindo,


Sorry I just reached back. Nope, still having issues on apple devices. Applied all the prevention method I read before but still did not work.


How about you? Got the workaround?

Same problem here one year after you. Did you guys solve the problem? Thanks