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Cisco PLAR configuration with Cisco Call Manager Express

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I have an Scenario, where I am using Cisco 6901 as Hotline Phone and Third Party SIP phones as well. I am using Cisco Call manager Express. I want to know that whether I can configure PLAR with Cisco CME?

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Level 4

Yes, you will need to configure a PLAR on any FXO ports to route inbound calls.




Does it really need an FXO port to configure? What if i do not have FXO ports?

Can you detail your desired call flow?  


A plar configuration allows a voice port to dial a number automatically when it goes off hook.


Is this the functionality you're looking for?

Yes. I have a scenario where i have cisco 6901 IP phones and third party SIP phones. I am using cisco ISR4321 with CME.

My requirement is to configure PLAR. So if user at remote location once push the phone off hook it should dial a pre configured extension.

I don't think you can do that with SIP Phones. You can do this with a speed dial though.

Dear Nipun,


Third party SIP phones do not support speed dial feature. Even its not supported in 6901 as well.




Nabeel Arshad

Yes that is correct. My bad I overlooked that. 6901 are single line phones only so yeah no speed dialing.

Dear Nipur,


If i go with CUCM instead of CME, will my requirement be fulfilled?


I am looking for a solution where if one phone goes Off-hook, it should dial a Pre-Configured Extension?






That is achievable in CUCM but does the cost to upgrade to a CUCM warrant your business and purchase for something as simple as this. How many users do you have ? If there are a couple of users who need this, why not get some refurbished SCCP IP Phones instead ?

Dear Nipun,

We are in the procurement stage as of now. We have decided initially to go with CME. But we have some 3rd party phones that supports SIP. We have to use those phones because of the industrial area.

Other option is we can go with CUCM i was thinking about using a ISR4331 with UCS blade server module for this requirement.

Yes, you can do that or look into getting a Medium density BE6k box. Suggestion would be to discuss this with your Cisco Rep/SE/AM and. Again, it would depend upon the number of users on your current CME system and the cost to get a CUCM.