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Cisco VG224 standalone SIP gateway

Oliver Dilan
Level 1
Level 1

Hi im trying to get a idea for a basic config for VG224 for 24 analog phones basic SIP standalone gateway way no Call manager. Just need basic inbound and outbound calls to 24 analog phones there is no pbx everything is interconnected at the 66 block. Also no features needed

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Dennis Mink
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

typically you would need to use a vg224 in conjunction with CUCM.  


autonomously there is no guarantee that you will get it to work, but try to configure it similar to a CUBE authenticating to your SIP provider. and use dialpeers; one for inbound from provider and multiple for each analog port.  


I am not sure if the software will support all the required features to let you authenticate SIP with your provider though.



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I read that you can use VG224 should be able to work with SIP carrier. These are old analog phones and don't need any features like call forwarding caller id call hold etc. They just need to be able to receive calls thats its basic. There connected to encoders witch just need to receive a dilatone for inbound calls. So i was just making sure