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Cisco VOIP - Redundant

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Level 1

                   Dear All,

We are in the process on selecting a VOIP telephone system, most probably, Cisco, one of the requirements is to make sure that there e system ill keep working in case of failure, is there a feature in Cisco VOIP to do this?

the place will serve around 1200 staff

Any suggested model will be great, here is some of the requirements :

- upgadable to support 1500 staff

- support multi site deployment

- support SIP, H3.323, 802.1X....



- integrate with LDAP

BUT the main concern is having a backup on failure by having extra equipments....


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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Of course Cisco CUCM can do all this.

Whenf you engage a reputable consultant, or UC Certified Cisco partner, they will explain you everything.

Hi Abbas,

Just to add what Mr. Paolo has said,you can have redundancy at each level

a. Core switches

b. Servers for call Manager at single site or multisite deployment by having Publisher and Subscribers. With SRST functionality at remote site as well.You can go for MCS or UCS platform.

c.Gateway level redundancy with PRIs as well.

d.IP phones using Cisco Propreitary Protocol or SIP .

e.Unified Contact Center Express only two servers for IVR/Call Center setup at single site or across WAN.

f. Similarly , u can go for Voice Mail by deploying Unity Connection two servers at single site or across WAN.

g.Call Manager can be intergrated with AD by fetching users through LDAP.

Cisco Call Manager/Unity Connection  version 9.x is the latest version.



Many Thanks for you all,

Any recommended model from Cisco with the mentioned spec.? it has to be upgradable to support at least 3000 staff and will full failover option and redundancy, support multisite, integrated with other PABX system (Siemens).

Best Regards

Hi Abbas,

U can refer Deployment Model

For PABX systems, u can go for QSIG integration or if IP  supported Card is there on EPABX, same cal also be integrated.

Also, refer Sizing DOC.