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cluster CUCM - which services do i need to enable?

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i have a new cluster, one publisher and one subscriber, which services do you recommend to activate in each server?


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The following links will provide you with the function of each service in CallManager

CCM 4.x

CUCM 5.x, 6.x, 7.x

It is recommended that you activate only the required components for each server in the cluster since each component that you activate adds to the server load. Each service performs specific functions for the IP telephony network and some of them run only on a single server and some needs to be run clusterwide so I believe you will need to be a little more specific on which services you are not sure and we might be able to provide you with a better answer.

hi, i would like to know which services do i have to enable in the publisher and the subscriber to

have a cluster, for example, tftp services in both or in the subscriber, the best practices for a simple cluster

It really depends on what is your cluster deployment model (i.e. how many servers), do you require dedicated TFTP, MOH, Media servers, which features do you require, i.e. AC, Web dialer, encryption....

At mimimum you need one TFTP, CM service on your subs, and depending on your redundancy model a Pub, AC if you are using AC, Extension Mobility if you are using it, IP Streaming App for media resources on chosen servers.



Rob Huffman
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Hi Giovanni,

I thought that you might find this useful (Table 16);

Cluster Service Activation Node Recommendations

The "Configuring Services" chapter in the Cisco Unified Serviceability Administration Guide does not include the following information that describes service activation recommendations for specific nodes in a cluster. Table 16 provides a general summary of the cluster activation recommendations for a feature service in these nodes: publisher, subscriber, TFTP, and MOH. For specific recommendations that are associated with activating a particular feature service, refer to the Cluster Service Activation Recommendations section in the "Configuring Services" chapter.