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cme 10.5 gui not working

Hi i am having 2911 cme router 10.5 i have uploaded the 10.5gui.tar file in flash , enabled http , dn webedit and web authentication . Still i am not able to get the gui .

Also is it possible that i am having sip phones only voice register global . without telphony service can i able to enable gui settings.

Please find the attached sh run , sh flash , sh http all information .Can anybody help me out on this

Breeze Joseph Kuriakose Sr Network Engineer
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Hi Mate,As far as I know, SIP

Hi Mate,

As far as I know, SIP phones can only be configured through CLI only. So GUI will not be of much help even if you manage to configure it. 

However, if you still need access to GUI, You will need to configure the GUI under telephony-service, which I can see you have already done. 

Try changing your http path to:

ip http path flash:/CME 10.5.0 GUI

And test if it works. Sometimes it takes few seconds for GUI to load up properly.


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hi all,

hi all,

I came across the same issue and could not resolve;

found out that you have to rename the rename "flash0:CME 10.5.0 GUI" flash0:cme10.5.0gui.

for some reason when the CME file is extracted it creates the folder but you can not access it. 

then make sure you change the path;   ip http path flash: cme10.5.0gui

also don't forget the following

Router(config)#file privilege 0




Hi Breeze,

Hi Breeze,

here is the link which should help you out:

Just wanted to share on CSC , as there have been many instances where most of customer or Tshoot engineers come with CME GUI files located in the flash as follows:



Generally we just extract the .tar file in VGW/CME which leads to the directory created in this format. Reason being if you open CME Gui tar which you have downloaded from you will see folder and sub-folder after untar the file CME-GUI.tar file. Now CME or VGW won’t you allow to configure the path for GUI files as below due to the space in between which is quite it will not understand the syntax and eventually you will get a syntax error like below


(config)#ip http path flash: CME 10.5.0 GUI


% Invalid input detected at ‘^’ marker.


To perform this task without making any changes in the file. There is a trick/workaround .


(config)#ip http path “flash: CME 10.5.0 GUI”



Notice, I have included the complete file path within inverted commas. This workaround works well and you won’t need to upload each GUI file one by one onto the flash. Just copy the GUI .tar file in flash, extract it in the gateway’s flash and use the workaround to specify the location of GUI files. Saves a lot of time.


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-Kevin Monteiro

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