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CME 12.0 8851 CP-BEKEM Will NOT Power On

I have a Cisco 2911 router with the UC license running IOS c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.157-3.M.bin abd a SM-ES2-24-P switch installed into it with 5 IP phones connected to the switch. Please note that this is a Service Module switch and not an external switch.

Everything working correctly except for the 8800 KEM on a 8851 phone.

This configuration has a 7942, a 7975 with a 7916 sidecar, a 8945, a 8811, a 8851,with a CP-BEKEM v03 sidecar, and a 8865

All the phones work as expected. the 7916 works too. But the CP-BEKEM will not power up at all.

The 8851 phone has cmterm-88xx.12-6-1-0001-668 firmware installed (the latest version).

When I try to connect the KEM, I get the following message on the phone: The phone is not set up for the expansion module.

I have researched everywhere I can for things to try. Below is my config info:

voice service voip
ip address trusted list
allow-connections sip to sip
no supplementary-service sip moved-temporarily
no supplementary-service sip refer
redirect ip2ip
fax protocol t38 version 0 ls-redundancy 0 hs-redundancy 0 fallback none
registrar server expires max 1200 min 300
voice class codec 1
codec preference 1 g711ulaw
voice register global
mode cme
source-address port 5060
max-dn 100
max-pool 20
load 8811 sip88xx.12-6-1-0001-668
load 8851 sip88xx.12-6-1-0001-668
load 8865 sip8845_65.12-6-1-0001-668
authenticate register
tftp-path flash:
file text
create profile sync 0017727297051016
voice register dn 1
number 1100
name PSE Main Line
label PSE Main Line
voice register dn 2
number 1110
name CTS Main Line
label CTS Main Line
voice register pool 11
busy-trigger-per-button 2
id mac 2C73.A02C.5546
type 8851 addon 1 CKEM
number 1 dn 12
number 2 dn 2
number 3 dn 1
dtmf-relay sip-notify
voice-class codec 1
username sfields password 1234
speed-dial 1 1201 label "Toby Keith"
speed-dial 2 1202 label "Sally Fields"
speed-dial 3 1203 label "Jay Leno"
speed-dial 4 1252 label "Jenifer Lopez"
speed-dial 5 1253 label "Jerry Springer"
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/boot1288xx.BE-01-007.sbn alias boot1288xx.BE-01-007.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/fbi88xx.BE-01-012.sbn alias fbi88xx.BE-01-012.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/kern288xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn alias kern288xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/kern388xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn alias kern388xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/kern88xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn alias kern88xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/m0patch288xx.BE-01-001.sbn alias m0patch288xx.BE-01-001.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/preloader88xx.BE-01-002.sbn alias preloader88xx.BE-01-002.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/rootfs288xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn alias rootfs288xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/rootfs388xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn alias rootfs388xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/rootfs88xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn alias rootfs88xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/sb2288xx.BE-01-013.sbn alias sb2288xx.BE-01-013.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/sb2388xx.BE-01-026.sbn alias sb2388xx.BE-01-026.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/sb288xx.BE-01-026.sbn alias sb288xx.BE-01-026.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/sip88xx.12-6-1-0001-668.loads alias sip88xx.12-6-1-0001-668.loads
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/ssb288xx.BE-01-007.sbn alias ssb288xx.BE-01-007.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/vc488xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn alias vc488xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn

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Re: CME 12.0 8851 CP-BEKEM Will NOT Power On



I think you used the wrong module name.



type 8851 addon 1 BEKEM




Re: CME 12.0 8851 CP-BEKEM Will NOT Power On

The only option the is available is the CKEM for the 8851. BEKEM is the model number on the sidecar.
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