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CME 9.5 no call waiting beep on 7961 phones


I'm having an issue with the CME of one of our clients.  

At their main location they have a number of 7961 phones, as well as a single 7975, that are not receiving the call waiting beep.  I have checked the configuration and confirmed that this setting is NOT disabled.  Further more, I have tested with both a 7945 and a 7961 phone here at my desk which is connected to their system via a VPN. When I test with these phones it DOES receive the call waiting beep.  I'm really not sure where to check next as it is working some places and not others.  My plan is to load a newer revision of IOS tonight; they're currently on 15.3-2T and i'm going to move them up to CME 10, 15.3-3M2

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Aaron Harrison
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


Do you mean that call-waiting does not work at all, or they just don't get the beep?


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Apologies for not being more clear.  They are able to accept a call on their second channel of the dual-line extensions but there is no audio indication that there is an incoming call, only a visual one.  The phones I tested at my office got both a visual and audio indication.

Are there any call-waiting commands configured on these DNs?
Have the phones been assigned the CWOff softkey?

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No the extensions don't have any of the call-waiting commands configured nor do the phones have that softkey assigned.


Here is one of the phones/DNs in question as well as telephony services config all of the affected phones are configured with the same basics as the one below, the only difference being the DN numbers and labels


 sdspfarm conference mute-on 111 mute-off 222
 sdspfarm units 1
 sdspfarm tag 1 confprofl
 conference hardware
 no auto-reg-ephone
 max-ephones 110
 max-dn 250
 ip source-address port 2000
 max-redirect 5
 service phone webAccess 1
 system message SWCD
 cnf-file location flash:
 cnf-file perphone
 load 7916-24 B016-1-0-4-2
 load 7960-7940 P0030801SR02.loads
 load 7941 SCCP41.8-5-2SR1S.loads
 load 7941GE SCCP41.8-5-2SR1S.loads
 load 7961 SCCP41.9-4-2-1S
 load 7961GE SCCP41.9-4-2-1S
 load 7962 term62.default.loads
 load 7975 SCCP75.9-2-1S.loads
 load 8941 SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.loads
 load 8945 SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.loads
 time-zone 12
 voicemail 600
 max-conferences 8 gain -6
 hunt-group logout HLog
 moh "flash:/"
 multicast moh port 2000
 web admin system name admin secret 5 $1$RUt7$Fr8ChAoeh9tiVrJDcG63s/
 transfer-system full-consult dss
 transfer-pattern 9.T
 transfer-pattern .T
 secondary-dialtone 9
 night-service weekday 17:00 08:00
 night-service weekend 00:00 23:59

ephone-template  1
 softkeys hold  Join Newcall Resume Select
 softkeys idle  Newcall Redial Cfwdall Pickup Gpickup ConfList Dnd Join RmLstC
 softkeys seized  Endcall Redial Meetme Cfwdall Pickup Gpickup
 softkeys connected  Trnsfer Endcall Hold Confrn Park ConfList Join RmLstC Select




ephone-dn  2  dual-line
 number 101 secondary XXXXXXXXXX no-reg primary
 label User - 101
 name User - 101
 call-forward busy 7500
 call-forward noan 7500 timeout 20
 mwi sip


ephone  2
 conference admin
 device-security-mode none
 description User - 101
 mac-address 0007.0E57.54D2
 ephone-template 1
 type 7961
 button  1o2,102 2:27


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