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CME and DISA (Direct Inward System Access)

Guillaume Menu

Hi all,

I have a customer who need to have DISA service on his CME. I have done some research and only find reference to a UC500 tweak to allow it:

My questions are:

- Since the code is common between CME and UC500, does this also work with CME?

- If yes, what IOS license do we need on the 29/3900?

- Is it TAC supported?

Thx a lot in advance


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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame

That is a CUE-based DISA solution.

If you are interested in a solution that does not requires CUE, you can look in page referenced in my profile.

Hi Paolo,

Thx for your answer.

I don't really understand why you said the DISA is CUE based. For me what is presented in the url is more CME based. The only part tied to CUE is the selection in the AA in order to match the right Dialpeer for the DISA. But the DISA features is done in the CME by the following application :

  service clid_col_npw_npw
  param uid-length 3

I think it is not a big deal to match a DID directely with the dialpeer and remove the cue AA part.

Am I wrong here in my assumptions?

Furthermore, my concern is more about the support of this service in CME. I know that with ISR G2, licenses are enforced, so my question are still :

- Would it work on CME with ISR G2 (or is there a needed licences to use the embedded "service clid_col_npw_npw"?

- Is it TAC supported?

Thanks in advance for any complementary help.

best regards


PS: Paolo, I've looked in your profile, but was unable to find a disa link

You are right, the CUE part is only due to the assumption that CUE is used as answering front end.

The link for my site is in my profile.

Guillaume Menu

Thx Paolo for your answers. That's much appreciated.

From my initial questions, anyone able to comment on them :

- Since the code is common between CME and UC500, does this also work with CME (not mentionned as a CME possibility in the doc)?

- If yes, what IOS license do we need on the 29/3900? (ie is there any conflict with the new enforced licences)

- Is it TAC supported?

For memory, the config proposed is the following (except the CUE step to redirect eh call on the configured service):

Thanks in advance


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