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CME Forced Authorization Code Configuration

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Level 1

Hi I have CME 10.0 and would like to configure FAC on SIP phones.

I have an 3 ISDN and was thinking of grouping these trunks, but when I look on the FAC configuration "lpcor" commands can only be applied on the "voice-port".

I need to have FAC for different dial-pattern one for NDD, moible and IDD.

LocalUser needs FAC for NDD, Mobile and IDD

NDDUser needs FAC for Mobile and IDD

IDDUser needs FAC for IDD only


My dial-peers are as follows:

dial-peer voice 2 pots
 description ### Local Calls ###
 destination-pattern 9[1-9]T
 clid network-number 026635200
 port 0/0/0:15
dial-peer voice 3 pots
 description ### NDD Calls ###
 destination-pattern 90[1-8]T
dial-peer voice 4 pots
 description ### Mobile Calls ###
 destination-pattern 909T
dial-peer voice 5 pots
 description ### IDD Calls ###
 destination-pattern 900T


Hope someone has an idea on how to configure this for SIP phones or SCCP phone config can also i will just try to adopt them.



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Please have a look a the following document:


you can assign it per users as well not only the voice port.

Best Regards

Hi sirkalliemarie,

i have already read that document before i post here. could you give me a sample configuration for my scenario above?

i have "lpcor policy FAC"

(reject        ) localuser

(accept fac) manager


then i applied the lpcor FAC outgoing on voice port 0/0/0

but it is not working. i was trying to block "localuser" to call using ISDN on port 0/0/0 and manager to use this given that he inputs FAC.

what could i have missed? or is it that my understanding is wrong.