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CME : how to get line busy or on another call

Marc El Achkar


We have a CME , lets consider we are making internal calls:

when user A is speaking on the line and user B calls user A, is there a way for user B to get that user A is busy or on another call without limiting user A to a busy-trigger-per-button, i want user A to receive the call and user B  to know that user A is on another call without being transfered to the call busy number.

this is the current config of the dn:

ephone-dn  4  dual-line

number 41104

pickup-group 1

description ##

name ###

allow watch

call-forward busy 41199

call-forward noan 41199 timeout 15

mwi sip

ephone  3

device-security-mode none

mac-address 203A.0723.A4EB

paging-dn 12

type 7945

logout-profile 3

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Hi Marc

Is ephone 4 for User A. If 41199 is your Voicemail number, it will go to voice mail. If dont  you want to it go voicemail, remove

call-forward busy 41199.

ephone-dn 4 dual-line

max-calls-per-button 4

busy-trigger-per-button 1


Hi Ofentse,

yup ephone 4 is User A, the thing is, it wont go to 41199 when only 1 line is used as the dual line can have multiple lines before giving you a busy tone, in this case user A while speaking will see that user B is calling him and user B will be waiting for user A to answer him, what i want is to have User B notified that user A is on another call.

Hi Marc

add under ephone 4 and remove call-forward busy 41199

busy-trigger-per-button 1 .

Please test


I dont want to remove the busy 41199  and i dont want the 2nd call on the line to be busy, i just want a notification for the internal calling number to know that it is on another call.


please use the below configuration

ephone-dn  4  dual-line

number 41104

huntstop channel


or there is other way to know that user A has a call  (This feature called presence),  find the below config for this feature


(router-Config)#presence call-list

ephone-dn  4  dual-line                   (for line on A which you need to know if he has a call or not).

number 41104


ephone x                                          (x: ephone number  of B)

blf-speed-dial 1 41104  label  x          (x: name of the user of line 41104)

when the call come to phone A user B will get indicator the A has a call

Thank you

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I think Islam's line of thinking is valid. While you may not be able to natively alter the ringback tone heard by the calling party. I think that using a Monitor/Watch solution is a good idea. You don't even need to call the remote party. Just look at the phone for a visual confirmation of status.

You can use the blf-speed-dial approach or you can simply add a Monitor or Watch line appearance on the calling party.

Of course, if you are trying to make this universally applicable to all call origination points (including the PSTN) then monitor/watch won't help.

I'd ask myself if thinking of the problem in a different way is still addressing the core requirement.

-Bill (@ucguerrilla)

HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame Master

There is no way to do this with just configuration.

You can use my script "selective busy ringback". It can be acquired on the website mentioned in my profile.

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