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Hi Everyone,I am trying to remove the Moh from the conference calls but don't seem to be able to manage those calls coming into the meeting from Lync. Does Lync looks at the MRGL/DP configured in the Client Service Framework for the Moh?Thanks,MK

Hello, I have a CUCM 8.5 runniong on UCS platform. I configured NTP reference to point at the router. In other words, the router is the NTP server.Now, each time the router shuts down, and restarts, or when its being powered up after a weekend, the t...

I have an agent name xxx working with company for years.he recently left and we still want to keep his call log in the cisco repporting.meanwhile we are assigning his extension to a new user.My question is to know if the report on the new agent will ...

iboboewfs by Level 1
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Hi NetProI have this solutionIP phones 3905IP phones 6901CUCM 9.XCUE 8.6I need voicemail for 3905 and 6901 users, and in the release notes for CUE 8.6 don't specify the phones 3905/6901 only 3911/3951/6941 and SPA phones.http://www.cisco.com/en/US/do...

I have CUEAC and CUCM installed off customer site , the PSTN connection and gateway is on customer site.When a call comes in from the PSTN and queues on attendant console does the media stay on the gateway or its it held on CUCM / ACPSTN----CUBE---WA...

Ian Jones by Level 1
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