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CME sip trunks limitation

fady samir

Hi all, hope you are fine

well, here is my problem

I got a CME connected with PBX, the pbx sip license is only 10 sip trunks, the CME has about 80 registered phone.

There is a VIP cisco number that i need to make it reachable from the nortel pbx any time.

There are 7 outgoing dial peers for mobile calls, national, international , etc ...

I only limited the dial peers with max-con 2, so that the possibility that the 10 sip trunks is small, and added a new dial peer for the VIP number with no max-con, but the cisco phone users complain they can't make calls with the pbx lot of times.

Also i can't control the incoming sip trunk, for example, if 9 sip trunks are used, i don't need any more sip trunks incoming or outgoing except for the vip numbers.

Any ideas ?

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

You should add some licenses.

Too much limitations == too many problems.

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