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CTI error on 7942 Phone

Pedro Francezi
Level 1
Level 1


I'm configuring a enviroment with CUCM X CTI, using 6921, 7942 and 7961 IP Phones.

Users will take an Device profile to login on the devices and the CTIOS will manage the calls.

It's work fine on 6921 Phones, but when I try to login with the CTI on 7942 or 7961 Phones using a pre-existent profile, it refuse the login and shows a error massage:

"Error [10159] This is a Shared line"

On the Device and de Extention Mobility, the option "Join Across Line" is set to "OFF"

I've tryed to Delete and re-configure the Device Profile and login with CTI, but it's not successful.

So, i create a new device profile, using a unregistred number, and it WORKS! The CTI Toolkit accept the conection.

How may I do to CTI login with older profiles?

Thanks and Regards.

Pedro Francezi

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

So, you have a phone defined with the ACD line as well as EM profile defined with the same ACD extension?

This is not supported hence the error, ACD lines cannot be shared across multiple devices.



Hi Chris,

I'm using both lines on same Device, but it was created for a 6921, so I erase the profile (including lines and End User) and recreate it to a 7942 Device, than CTI error appear.


Did you have any idea?

Why CTI do not accept the conection?

My profile is configured to a 7942 Device, join across line disable and I'm using just one DN on it.

Thanks and regards.