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Andrew Grech

Cube Alternative \ Outbound Proxy



I currently have CUBE setup to my SIP provider, I would like to add an additional register or user agent. However since my current service provider uses outbound proxy for the invite messages I'm running into issues with the second UA.

So I'd like to know if anyone has setup any alternatives to using CUBE such as a software b2bua or session border controller. I currently looking at Yate 




You can disable outbound proxy globally and enable it only on the dial-peer facing your ITSP. That way only calls going to your ITSP will use the defined proxy..


dial-peer  voice xxx voip

voice-class sip outbound-proxy

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Thanks for the reply, 

I gave that a go, it works for outgoing but not incoming from the provider. I should have been more specific when I first created the post.

Our sip register address is our company name. So I assume it goes out via the proxy and they have a account setup on it. 

Check this link.....




Thanks Manish, 

I have setup multiple registers on the CUBE before but this one is a little special.

Because with outbound proxy configured all sip requests will go out that proxy.

Can you describe in detail what your issue is please. You have only given us sketches. Can you also attach a sh run of your config

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Thanks for the assistance,

Ok here is the configuration which was provided by our ISP. It is different to other configurations I'm used to as the register and sip-server addresses are our company name.

This configuration connects to a local ISP router.

voice service voip
 ip address trusted list
 allow-connections sip to sip
 fax protocol none 
  midcall-signaling passthru
  privacy-policy passthru
  sip-profiles 100
  error-code-override options-keepalive failure 503

 credentials username User password 7 pass realm
 authentication username User password 7 pass
 authentication username User password 7 pass realm
 set pstn-cause 47 sip-status 486
 retry invite 2
 retry response 3
 retry bye 3
 retry prack 6
 retry register 2
 timers expires 300000
 registrar expires 30000

Gi0/0 Internet (Public)
Gi0/1 Direct connection to provider voicegateway
Gi0/2 Management (Internal Traffic)

I have configured a specific route for

So I'd like to add a second register, but I ran into issues with the invite going out Gi0/1 the provider gateway.
I tried to add a specific route out Gi0/0 (internet) however it still goes to via Gi0/1 due to the outbound proxy setting.

I'm unsure how to reconfigure the setup to avoid using outbound proxy. I managed to set the outbound proxy the outgoing dial peers and calls would work however the b2bua wouldn't register for incomming calls.

You can also disable outbound-proxy on the dial-peers facing cucm, so that inbound calls are not sent out back to the ITSP

dial-peer voice xxx voip

no voice-class sip outbound-proxy

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This doesn't work as expected.

Well, so what is your suggestion. It is not enough to post a negative reply to a post without at least providing something that is useful for the benefit of others

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It makes sense so that the others will not try useless things. When I wrote the commend, I didn't have the answer as well.

Regarding the problem itself - recently I was fighting with UC560 and Telstra SIP trunk. As it was explained already, they require globally configured outbound-proxy, otherwise the trunk is not registering and the inbound calls are failing. Even if you put "no voice-class sip outbound-proxy" on some dial-peer, this will not disable it. For example, I had to enable the presence feature between two sites and all the SUBSCRIBE requests are still going to the proxy. It turns out the problem is probably related to a bug in the older IOS versions:


I think the place to start is to remove the outbound sip proxy command. Route calls based on dial-peers. That way you have the flexibility of sending calls to any destination. On a second note, I dont know what you mean by inbound registration for inbound calls. There shouldnt be any such registration for you to receive calls from your ITSP

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Thanks for your assistance and ongoing support.


When I placed voice-class sip outbound-proxy on the dial peers and it works for outgoing calls.

However incoming calls into the voice gateway failed. The show sip-ua reg status command shows as no.

I believe this is because I was unable to send the correct credentials\info in the invite message. 

Are you able to provide some insight as to why the register, sip server and realm are all our company name? I guess this is a special setup on our ISP end... I tried to contact them but they have been unable to help.




ITSP!! They must be the worst providers except of course Verizon. We are the best ITSP out there..smiley

Ok. Inbound calls should have nothing to do with registrations. Can you send me a debug ccsip messages for a failed inbound call..

Why are you insisting on using the outbound-proxy? Remove it totally from your config and just use dial-peers to route your calls. You dont need it.

I dont know why they have set it up like this..But that shouldnt bother you too much

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I concur as I have this exact same issue with Telstra in Australia.

The registration with the gateway shows as "no" and inbound range is no longer available despite outgoing calls work due to adding all the extra "voice-class sip" commands in the outboud dial-peer.


Though my issue that requires the removal of the outbound-proxy command is so that the CUE voicemail dial-peer will not be forwarded out to the Telstra gateway but to the internal CUE IP.

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