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CuCM 8.5 - Help with Automation of CDR files (Tracking 911 calls)

Good morning all,

Long story short:

Right now we are reporting out on 911 calls using the CDR tool in Cisco Servicabilty, and we are trying to automate the report, instead of going in and running the report manually weekly.

Our first idea was to export the CDR Records using the Billing Application Server Parameters, and import then into a SQL back so we can automate the 911 report, which is not working out as intended as the cdr exported files are transactional and not one big bulk file as if we are doing a CDR Export.

So we are back to square one.

Does anyone have any creative approaches to automate reports?  Is there a way to modify the Automatic Report Generation/Alert Option under Servicability?  


CuCM 8.5 - Help with Automation of CDR files (Tracking 911 calls


I've got a set of Groovy scripts a Grails app, doing basically what you have described above: taking a look at a folder using SFTP periodically, reading the plaintext files exported by CUCM, doing some additional magic and then inserting them into a database table, where our reporting server (in this case, BIRT, but it's kind of irrelevant) can access them.

Does it sound like an option to you?


Re: CuCM 8.5 - Help with Automation of CDR files (Tracking 911 c

Gergely, possibly.  I don't have much experience with Grails.

If I understand you correctly, the app resides on the respository, and simply enters the cdr files into the sql back end on a schedule?


Re: CuCM 8.5 - Help with Automation of CDR files (Tracking 911 c


actually, that Grails app is just a standard Java web app, running on a standard Apache Tomcat server. Yes, it wakes up every now and then (you can use any CRON expression, this particular instance, I guess, set to wake up every 5 minutes); peeks into a shared folder using SFTP, checks the timestamp of all files, and - skipping the newer ones, avoiding processing of files that are still open by CUCM - reads/saves them into a database table. The processed file is moved away to a backup directory which is cleaned up manually.


Re: CuCM 8.5 - Help with Automation of CDR files (Tracking 911 c

Yup, sounds almost exactly like what I'm trying to get going here. I would want to peek on the back end to see what drives it all, as I should be learning this stuff

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