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CUCM 8 translations Patterns and Caller ID


After a recent upgrade to CUCM 8.6 caller id that passes from a translation pattern is now presenting as (813-XXX-XXXX for YYYY) where YYYY is the extension calls are sent to from the translations pattern.  How do I turn this off and have the CID just show as the calling number.


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Chris Deren
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Hall of Fame Master

Is "use external phone number mask" checkbox checked on the TP, if so uncheck it.


Thanks Chris,

I just checked and that box is not selected for the TP.  It must be something else.


Can you elaborate a little bit more on the call flow, who is calling who, and what is dialed and what is going through the translation pattern? Also, is the caller ID displayed on the phone or are you referring to call log?


Suresh Subramanian
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Rising star
This parameter determines whether phones always display the number and name  that the caller originally dialed (which may not match the final connected  number and name). If Cisco CallManager routes the call from the originally  dialed number to the connected number using a call forwarding directive, a  translation pattern, route pattern, a redirection by a CTI application, or other  means, this parameter determines whether the connected number or the originally  dialed number is exposed. Note that when the Conference List feature is invoked,  the connected number always displays regardless of the setting in this  parameter. Valid values specify True (display the originally dialed number) or  False (display the connected number).
  This is a required field.
  Default:  False

if you set this parameter True, the calling phone will display only the dialed numbers not the connected (end device) numbers.



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