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CUCM 9.1, Default settings for new phones


How can I change default settings for new phones in CUCM 9.1?

I can override these settings in “System/Enterprise Phone Configuration” and “Device/Device Settings/Common Phone Profiles”, but how can I change settings which used for creating new phones?




Chris Deren
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Which settings?

Are you asking how to change some phone settings for existing phones? If so use BAT.

If you want to change settings for when you build new phones crate phone templates with the settings you desire.



For example, all my phones have "Display On Time" equal to 7:30.

When I'm creating new phone by pressing "Add New" button in "Device/Phone", I got form for new phone with "Display On Time" equal to 7:30. How can I change it(not override) for all new and old phones?

Rather than build a new phone from scratch you can copy another phone or you can build a phone BAT template with desired settings and when building new phone select "BAT Phone Template".

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All phones have Product Specific Configuration area. If I want to change any setting in this area, I should check

the "Override Common Settings" check box.

Check the "Override Common Settings" check box for any setting in Product Specific Configuration area that you wish to update.

•If you do not check this check box, the corresponding parameter setting does not take effect.

•Parameters that you set in the Product Specific Configuration area may also appear in the Device Configuration window for various devices and in the Enterprise Phone Configuration window.

If you set these same parameters in these other windows too, the setting that takes precedence is determined in the following order:

1. Device Configuration window settings,

2. Common Phone Profile window settings

3. Enterprise Phone Configuration window settings.

How can I change Default(or Common) settings in this area?

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