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CUCM. Call quality between regions

Level 1
Level 1


the problem is that if I assign the Default region to HQ phones and Region 1 to remote site phone, then
- man on the remote site hears well
- sound on the HQ site is bad (some words disappear, stutter and it's not clear what the other person is saying)

If I swap the regions (for the HQ phones - Default, for the remote - Region 1), then
- both sites hear each other well

What could be the reason?

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it's about your configurartion on region side... 

when you go to server-> region -> you create 2 region .. you have to make sure about the max bandwithd when communicate with regi 1 to reg 1 ... and regi 1 to reg 2 

you can force the cucm to use g729

I had this problem before .. 

it will be ok ... 

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

What codecs are defined between the regions?

How is your QoS configured between the sites? Do you have enough bandwidth in priority queue to support these calls?

we have a good bandwithd but if you are on wan .you have to use g729 codec

g729 use 8 kbit but alaw and ulaw (default) use 64 kbit

change your codec

Incorrect, both u and a-law variants use the same bandwidth.

Are you saying when you change it to G711 things work better or when using G729 things are better? 

dude I know ulaw and alaw are the same in bandwithd
g729 is better than g711in wan communication

I simply responded to your following statement:

"g729 use 8 kbit but alaw and ulaw (default) use 64 kbit"