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Is it possible to do inter-chassis CUBE redundancy on ASR 1004?

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Level 1

Hi all,

   I am trying to do CUBE HA using HSRP on the ASR 1004.  I found the configuration example on Document ID: 112095.  I was going through the steps however and got to Step 2: Enable HSRP where the redundancy scheme is set to inter-device.  I do not have this option in the config.  I figured I am missing a license, so I contacted my reseller and he contacted Cisco support who said redundancy is not available on the ASR 1004, only the ASR 1006.  I think this must be incorrect.  (Even though the document does say it is for the ISR G2.)  Does anyone have any other ideas on enabling failover on the ASR1004?


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Jonathan Schulenberg
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Hall of Fame

I don't have a document but I do have some fancy slides to share:

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Hello Jonathan,

How may I get a copy of that Cico Live presentation, you refered to above?  I am currently in the process of designing Box to Box redundancy for the 1002 X in my Organization



PS.  See you have gotten even wiser (more grays) since UC 8 Beta in San Jose

Hi Dear,


Do you have sample configuratiojn for box to box ASR1K using with HSRP ?


can you please share with me sample config ?