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CUCM RSVP reservation with CME


I'm working on a Communications Manager  RSVP / Gatekeeper scenario and I hope that you can help me with an issue...

The topology I'm working on consists of two sites and the head office. You can find the topology here:

The phones in the two sites are registered on the Router GKA (SiteA) and GKB (SiteB). Those Routers are also CME and Gatekeeper. The RSVP reservation between the two sites works perfectly. When one of the two sites wants to make a call into the head office, the call gets forwarded to a Directory Gatekeeper and then delivered to the Gatekeeper in the head office.

The phones in the head office however are registered on a CUCM 6.0. I configured all the stuff you have to do on the CUCM: Dialpattern, Router / Gatekeeper in the head office is registered as a Media Termination Point, MRG, MRGL, the necessary location profiles are assigned to the phones and the RSVP reservation is set to "Mandatory".

When I try to make a call, the phone tells me that there is "not enough bandwidth" even though the bandwidth is set to "unlimited". I didn't figured out a way to successfully establish a RSVP reservation.

It would be nice if you could help me with a solution, but if not … I have another, simpler, question:

Is it even possible for the CUCM to make a RSVP reservation from one site to another when not all phones are registered with this CUCM?

Many thanks in advance,


Hall of Fame Master

Sorry if that doesn't answer your question, but I would recommend you move away from the RSVP for a more robust DiffServ approach instead


The first has never demonstrated scalability and true applicability, the second is a de-facto standard used by most organizations, and works well.

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