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CUCM6 with 2600 XM Router



I have 2 analog phones connected to a 2600XM router, i have added the router as a h.323 gateway in call manager and i can call the analog phones from a ip phone, however the is no sound from the speaker on the ip phone. (the ip phone works when i call another ip phone, the analog phones can call each other and work fine.)

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Is this a lab or production? What other equipment is being used (i.e. how are the phones connected to the 2600XM? A seperate switch, and etherswitch module, etc.) Does the router have an interface on the same subnet as the phones and is it a VLAN interface or a physical interface? Is there any NATing happening on the network?

Its a lab, i have 2 analog phones on a vic-2fxs card, the ip phones are 7940's and are connected to a netgear switch allong with call manager and the router. there all on the same subnet and i'm not using vlans yet. the call manager is running in vmware but i'm using bridged networking not NAT.


Typically, one-way audio problems are caused by routing issues with the advertised audio source IP address and usually involves one-way audio toward the IP phone (i.e. teh analog cannot hear), which makes me think this is an atypical problem.

What codec are you using for these calls? If you call between the IP phone and the analog phone, then press the question mark button on the IP phone twice, you can get details about the current call. You will be able to see the codec that the IP phone is using and see the packets inbound and outbound. Check to see that voice packets are coming in and going out and then verify the codec being used and make sure that the router is configured to use that codec.

The codec for Rx and Tx is G.711A which is the same i set up on the router. the TxCnt is going up but RxCnt stays on zero.

Fixed, i haddn't enabled ip routing on the router.

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