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CUCMBE - Running as standalone cisco unity connection server


Recently our company brought a SME business about 350 employees. They are using CUCMBE for voice requirements - voice and messaging. CUCMBE is running on a MCS-7828I3 server. With M&A activities it comes with organisation restructure. Decision from the management the company must be setup as an independent business. The business unit has grown to have 600 employees and hence CUCMBE is not going to cut it.

They just brought CUCMBE server and it is six months old. I need to come up with the voice solution - I thinking on the line of running a cluster of Call managers (pub and sub) MCS7825 and re-using MCS7828 server as standalone Unity connection server. It will be such as a waste to get rid of MCS 7828 server. In this company not all employees need access to voice mails. That is why I think MCS 7828 server will be sufficient for standalone Unity connection server.

I had been trying to find out whether this solution is possible. I had checked CCO and NETForum there is no information about this. I asked my Cisco SE his answer is very vague. Is this possible? I need the answer for this urgently.

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Rob Huffman
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Hi Steven,

I like your thinking here, but sadly the MCS 7828 can only be used as a BE co-resident server. If you try to install Unity Connection on it in a stand alone config the install will fail :(

Cisco Unity Connection 7.0 Supported Platforms List

Cisco Unity Connection 1.x and 2.x Supported Platforms List

If you try to install version 7.x on an unsupported platform, Cisco Unity Connection will not be displayed as an option in the Product Deployment Selection window of the installation program. See the server-specific table in the "Cisco Unity Connection Supported Servers" section of the Cisco Unity Connection Supported Platforms List to verify platform specifications, particularly regarding memory and processor speed.

I would speak to your SE about a "trade-in" value for the 7828. You should be able to cut the cost$ of the new boxes you would like to purchase.

Hope this helps!


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