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CUWL-BE (5000) reinstatement


I'm struggling to find in any of the ordering guides how someone might go about reinstating UCSS for a CUWL-BE cluster that has expired. I know with CUWL/BE6K that it is equivalent to CUWL STD, so should they use the CUWL STD reinstatement SKU (L-REINST-UWL-STD) and add UCSS ?

The aim is to upgrade to 9.1, and it seems ordering via PUT is the only option, there is no a la carte upgrade for BE5000.

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Rob Huffman
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Hi Ian,

Here is why you aren't finding what you are looking for I believe;

Cisco announces the end-of-sale and end-of-life  dates for the Cisco Business Edition 5000. The last day to order the  affected product(s) is March 15, 2013.

Product Migration Options

Customers  with an active Unified Communications software subscription contract  for the Cisco Business Edition 5000 will be eligible to upgrade to Cisco  Business Edition 9.0 software only. Customers will not be able to renew  Unified Communications software subscriptions or order new  subscriptions for Cisco Business Edition 5000, as software upgrades will  not be available beyond the 9.0 release. Customers that wish to get  software upgrades beyond the 9.0 release are encouraged to migrate the  product licenses and services to the Cisco Business Edition 6000.  Information about the Cisco Business Edition 6000 can be found at:



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Thanks, Rob, I knew the end was approaching for BE5K, but even checked previous ordering guides and there seemed to be no mention of how to reinstate CUWL-BE. Now they have decided to migrate to a UCS platform and purchase new CUWL licensing, so that makes it all easier :)

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