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CUWL question about different devices

Mikhail Kalita

Good day! Can I use one CUWL license for ten different phones 3905 (for example) with the different numbers? I want to understand what do mean per user license? Which services do require user association ?

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Mikhail,

Yes, a CUWL Proffesional license allows 10 devices per user, you may refer the following for details


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Hi, Manish. Why do I have to purchase 10 enhanced license for the 10 different phones instead of one CUWL license?

If the phones are configured independently and if essential , basic or enhannced license are available then each device will use one of these licenses, so 10 devices will use 10 licenses. However, if with CUWL Professional you can associate one user with 10 diff devices.


Сan I associate 10 phones with one user so that this phones have the different extensions?

What do the difference between 10 phones with one user and 10 phones with the 10 different users?

The cost of Enhanced license is 210 dollars, whereas the cost of CUWL is 500. Can I refuse some services to reduce cost 4 times?

Technically you can and it will use only 1 CUWL license. Legally you cannot as you would be breaking Cisco licensing agreement as common area phones should be licensed individially.  Your call :-)

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