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Dect Wireless phones with CUCM 7.1.5


Hey All,

I am looking for some suggestions for IP Dect phones which can intergrate with CUCM.  I have a deployement of about 2500 phones (7942/62) and the IT department at this location requires wireless handsets in their office location.  It would be a small deployement about 10 - 20 wireless handsets.

We do not have WiFi in this area (nor any plans to put WiFI in place so the 7921/25 cisco phones are out of the question). 

The two that I am looking at are the Polycom KIRK system and the Ascom IP-DECT.  Does anyone have any experience with either of these?  Or any other suggestions would be helpful as well.  I also have another site i am deploying which will have a 100 or so wireless handsets with 2000 Cisco IP Phones.

Thanks in advance,



Hey together,

I know this thread is pretty "old" but I hope the threadstarter is still active and subscriped it ;-)

However, we're having the same "problems" like CJ:

We're migrating to VOIP and CUCM at the moment. It works fine btw. There are some requests for wireless devices, but we don't want WiFi solutions at all. At the moment we're dealing with VG and analogue devices, but first of all the range is beyond good and evil and secondly our users can't forward/toggle calls over this solution.

That's why I'm watching out for VOIP DECT Phones that work with CUCM.

@CJ: If you read this, could you please tell me which solution you found in the end?

@all: If anyone has an idea which devices provide these specifications I'd be pleased if someone could spare a hint...

with kind regards

Nico (excuse the language, but I'm neither native english-speaker nor I'm doing this very often)


I've used Ascom's offerings and as you noted the range is incredible compared to 802.11.  The downside is also what you mentioned -- supplementary service support.  While you can creatively get around some of the issues, you're basically stuck with a tradeoff between functionality and stability/reliability.  You could pickup a parked call, but not park it.  You can join a meetme but not initiate it, etc.  I believe that I read that there is some increased 3rd party SIP endpoing functionality on the 9.x roadmap but can't find it at the moment.

The frustrating thing about integrating Ascom and CUCM is that outside of the US Ascom offers SCCP integration, but I was told that Cisco does not permit them to offer that code within the Americas.  Meanwhile, we're (assumption) stuck with a 3rd party SIP basic integration.

my 2 cents,



We ended up just using ATAs connecting a cordless Uniden phones much like what you would have in your home.  And we only deployed  5 of these units in the office that was requesting it.   Range was not an issue because our square footage is small and the office space is open.

I don't remember if I tested supplementary services so I cannot comment on that but I would imagine it would work as it is just an endpoint connected to the ATA.

I did look into the Polycom solutions but i did not get approval to purchase the equipment.

Hope this helps,


Thank you guys. I'm gonna have a look at your solutions

with kind regards



Hi Joseph,

I had implemented ASCOM IPBL with CUCM in 2011 and I couldn't agree more to your complaints. I've only recently had the pleasure to see it again - 4 years later and nothing has changed, even with the latest Versions of CUCM and ASCOM.

I would rather recommend WLAN with a sufficient density of WLAN-Accesspoints, and of course with a controller, not necessarily with 3850s since the volume of traffic phones will generate is something you can totally forget about it, and let the CAPWAP-tunnel terminate at the controller.

Besides - with WLAN you could use Cisco-IP-telephony-Apps on all kinds of smart-phones as an additional solution/fallback etc.

If you need help with this solution you can get in touch with me anyway.


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