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David A.

Device Reporting


I am trying to generate a report to see device usage over the last year.

For example, I have a location with 20 Cisco 8821s. I am trying to see if there was any point during the last year, that all 20 of those devices were in use. Any help is greatly appreciated.


This is my first post and I am new to the voice world so please go easy.

VIP Expert

Dont have monuitoring system in place to monitor these device provide information all over the time.


If not you need to setup one, using MRTG/PRTG/solarwinds  to get stastics. 




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So I take it from your reply, there is nothing in CallManager or another tool offered by Cisco that could generate the type of report I'm looking for is that correct?

There is 2 things we are discussing here.


1. i was mentioned about  Device report availbility. - Like device up or down.

2. I believe you are looking CDR (call detail records ) is this correct ?



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What I am wanting to see is the maximum amount out of the 20 devices that were actively used over the last year.




They are wanting to add additional phones. To justify this request, I am wanting to see the highest usage of these 20 phones. Was there ever a period of time over the last year that all 20 of these phones were connected and making calls? Or was the highest 12?


I hope this helps with clarification.

So you looking phone usage report (CDR) - How is your setup.


Where these 20 devices are connecting ? CME or CUCM ? explain more. so i can point to right direction you can get the reports. if you have one enabled in the Call Manager.



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Then the best bet for you is to get Call Detailed Records of those extensions. If the CDR is enabled, you can get a data from the CDR reporting under CCM Servicability.

Hope this helps

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I managed to find the CDR reports in Serviceability. Let me give that a shot and see what I can find. 


Thank you both for your help.

yes you can select the range for taht device and generate report it will produce the call volumen.



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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

There is no way to get a year's worth of information, assuming you changed the retention period to the maximum, that's 180 days. And that's only if you don't hit the high watermark in the DB and data has to be overwritten before 180 days.


Best case scenario, you'll get 6 months worth of data.


You could only get that period of time using a 3rd party billing server where you kept the CDRs for that long. 



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Hi David, did you find a report to help with your request?  I have a report that I run against a specific location to tell me device utilization, it's helpful to track devices that have little or no usage.  See attached screenshot, I am happy to provide more details.  

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