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DID Issue

yogesh bhalerao


I have Ip phone, connectivity as follows


IP Phone-- CUCM ---CUCM has PRI-QSIG with EPABX -- ROUTER IS registered as MGCP Gateway


the Location analog phone and Ip phone have same series numbers


e.g. 3001 (analog) 3002(IP Phone)


But when i call via IP phone i get boradline number and via the analog phone registered i get DID number


Any thoughts folks ?


Thanks in advance

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Charles Hill
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Do the two phones in question, have different Calling search space?


Use the Dialed number analyzer to troubleshoot.  It should show the call path each phone takes when making the call and whether it succeeds or fails.


Hope this helps.



HI Charles

There are 2 phone IP Phone connected to CUCM and Analog phone connected to local EPABX

i am able to call outside but the problem is when i call from Ip Phone it shows the boardline number and when i call from Analog phone is shows the DID number

I'm not sure what a boardline is but if what you're seeing is just the internal extension when making external calls, then verify the "External Phone Mask" on the extension and on your "Translation-Patterns" and or "Route Patterns".



HTH Regards, Yosh

Hi Yosh

Thanks for the reply board line refers to Pilot number or the First number in the series,

e.g. 4000 9000:- Pilot number and then the list continues to 100 numbers

       4000 9199 :- Total of 100 numbers starting from 9000 to  9199


The thing is my PRI is on EPABX and i  have extended it to E1/T1 card on router via PRI QSIG

Analog phones are registered on EPABX and IP Phones are registered on CUCM, so the analog phones call outside their numbers are displayed as DID

But when the Ip Phones call outside the go via the Boardline number

e.g ext:- 9100(Ip Phone) calls outside the number displayed will be

4000 9000 instead of 4000 9100  

So tried changing the Translation pattern and route pattern still did not help




I believe that having appropriate configuration alone in CUCM won't help.

Since your PRI is being terminated in other EPABX which is connected to Cisco router via QSIG, you need to configure your EPABX accordingly. As it will get the call from Cisco router via QSIG, it should have correct DDI reference mapping to use appropriate ANI while routing call to PSTN/PRI.

So the way you have configure DDI reference mapping to manipulate analog extensions ANI in your EPABX, you may also need to configure the same for IP phones extensions in EPABX.



Hi Vivek


Thanks for your reply, as rightly pointed by you i need to do mapping in EPABX

e.g. 9000 range is mapped with internal range 5000 range ,so that if the call comes on 9000 range it will be mapped to the extension of range 5000



You are absolutely right here.



Vivek i already have that settings but still its of no use,still it takes boardline number


e.g ext:- 9100(Ip Phone) calls outside the number displayed will be

4000 9000 instead of 4000 9100  

Don't apply any manipulation in CUCM. 

Using debug isdn q931, ensure that you are sending ANI (9100) without manipulated over QSIG to EPABX.

In your EPABX, have provision to convert 9100 to 4000 9100.

That's what you did?

Hi Vivek

I have not applied any manipulation in CUCM neither translation pattern nor any changes to route pattern


But still the issue is the same, i will check the debug logs but it will take time as the Router is maintained by ISP

Vivek +5


I agree with Vivek, you will need to manipulate the DDI information from your EPABX.



HTH Regards, Yosh
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