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Display issue when transferring calls

Say I have 3 Phones

1001 - Display "HQ1 VoIP Engineer"

1002 - Display "HQ1 Network Engineer"

2000 - Display "HQ2 VoIP Engineer"

Let's say 1001 calls 1002, the phone number and display is correct on 1002. 1002 (HQ1 Network Engineer) decides that the HQ2 VoIP Engineer would be better suited to answer that question so they transfer to 2000.

The display on HQ2 when the call is transferring is correct. But the two callers hang up. 2000 needs to call back the number that was transferred to them (1001), but when he pulls up his received calls, the last number received says ["HQ1 VoIP Engineer" (<----This is correct) "1002" (This is incorrect, this is the number of the person who transferred the call)]

The display on 2000 in received calls should say "HQ1 VoIP Engineer 1001" but instead it says "HQ1 VoIP Engineer 1002." This is exactly the problem I am having right now. Any idea how to fix this? I'm thinking it is something in service parameters.

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Display issue when transferring calls

What version of CUCM are you running? Check if you have correct display caller ID configured under each extension.

I have tested it on CUCM and it worked fine. I could see the original caller number and its display name.



Display issue when transferring calls



Display issue when transferring calls

I believe this might solve your problem

This parameter works in conjunction with the Always Display Original  Dialed Number service parameter to determine whether the presentation  indicators (PIs) of the original dialed name, the calling-party  information, and the redirecting-party information are used when sending  the call information to the phone. The phone will always display the  original dialed number, but the phone will only display the original  dialed name if the PI of the original dialed name allows it, as  configured on the Translation Pattern Configuration or Route Pattern  Configuration window in Unified CM Administration. This parameter has no  effect if the Always Display Original Dialed Number service parameter  is set to False. Valid values specify True (use the PIs) or False  (ignore the PIs).
   This is a required field.
   Default:                  False   

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