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DX-650 wallpapers from CUCM


What's the best way to set a background image on the DX-650?  I read the document about the standard method of placing the image on the tftp server of CUCM.  However from the DX-650 end user touchscreen, going to wallpapers, seems to only show local wallpapers (like you were updating the wallpaper on a cell phone).


How do I select a wallpaper coming from CUCM?


Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Did you follow the procedure in this doc:

Hi Chris,


Even me to having same issue and followed the procedure mentioned by you.

I'm using the thumbnail also of same size is that right ?

On the background image part giving the name of the wallpaper.format manually.

How can we troubleshoot this ?



Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

This is only possible if you're running CUCM 10.0+ and FW version 10.1.1+

If you're running anything below that, it's expected you cannot set this via CUCM, and should use native android applications to change the background, there are a few bugs that mention documentation is wrong, it even mentioned a List.xml which this device does not use.

You DO NOT need thumbnails

Process needed for applying a custom background image for a DX 650:

1. format the required image to pixel size 1600x1280x24
2. Upload image to the TFTP Directory on all nodes running the TFTP service, directory is "Desktops/1600x1280x24
3. Restart the TFTP service on all nodes running TFTP
4. Go to the DX650 Common Phone Profile in CCMadmin and change the following:

-Uncheck the checkbox at the top "Enable End User Access to Phone Background Image Setting"
-Apply phone image name like "test.png" to the Background Image field towards the bottom and click the checkbox to overiride Device Default.

5. Save and Apply the config to the common phone profile and the image desired should show up on the phone.



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Hi Jaime,

I was already on CUCM 10.5.2 and DX650 verison was 10-0-2-24.

Once i upgraded the DX560 firmware to 10-2-3-33 the wallpaper came up.

your information was really useful  (+5 for this), however i can't mark it as right answer since this discussion was not created by me. 



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