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DX80 Registered Over Expressway - System Passphrase

I successfully registered a brand new (i.e never connected to our corporate LAN) DX80 over MRA to our CUCM 10.5.2 cluster.  All is working well except I can't figure out how to configure the System Passphrase so the security prompt goes off the DX 80 screen.  CUCM sees the endpoint as our expressway so I'm wondering how we can access the endpoint to configure the passphrase.


Xavier McKinzie

You will need LAN access to the endpoint.  Management isn't supported over MRA.

@cisco  we need to ship all DX80 endpoints from a user's house to the office, connect to our network, configure a passphrase, and then ship back to the users at home?

You could use WebEx, or you could use a remote PC management tool such as Teamviewer, LogMeIn, or to gain access to the user LAN.

I don't entirely see how this is Cisco fault. As the engineer deploying a solution, it is our responsibility to know how the technology works. If you know how this works you would have done any changes required on premise before shipping it out. MRA is not a new technology, and from inception each endpoint will display the IP address of the expressway C server. it is also well documented that remote management is not supported over MRA. looks like on this one you missed the obvious. Take it on the chin and figure a way to get the units back

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I am very familiar with how the technology works.  I am also accutely aware of how the technology over the last 7 years has gone from a centralized deployment, with a contained config file posted by CUCM, accessable via tftp has now modified to a distributed model where every endpoint has to be touched.  Asking the CTO, CFO, CEO to ship their units around for days, or weeks, at a time so that a simple task such as a password phrase, can be completed is very unacceptable, considering this could be done in previous version of code via the CUCM. 

There was never any version of CUCM that allows you to remotely manage endpoints registered via MRA. With this in mind all changes should have been done before shipping them out. I say this because I have multiple execs that have DX80 in their homes.

With MRA from day one the endpoint registers using the IP address of the expressway, so there is no way to access it remotely. This has always been the norm and has nothing to do with centralized or distributed...

Even endpoints managed by TMS can't be managed over MRA. This is a well documented fact.

Again I don't see how this is a Cisco issue, if this limitation has been documented, it's our job to put measures to avoid situations like this 

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The post is about Passphrase, not remote management. Prior to the Release of CE code the admin user and password were managed via the cucm which was provided in the config file, which is available for all endpoints, onprem or remote. Please read the header then the reply I made. Cisco should go back to including all configuration of the endpoint via the CUCM and NOT require a manual touch of the endpoint itself for standard configs.

Everything else can be centrally managed via the CUCM, is Cisco investigating a way to manage this also from the CUCM?  Seems like things went backwards from central management to distributed.

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