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e911 issues - DID move to different area code; reaches wrong PSAB

WE had an office move with DID's in one region (area code) but were ported to a different area code. I have updated the e911 database to reflect the office location, etc but 911 calls out from new office location reach the incorrect PSAB because of the original area code. Thinking maybe we need to add some 510 DID's specifically for ELINs in CER. Anyone do this before? Or have tips on this. 

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When you mention updating the e911 database, are you referring to the ERLs you manage in Cisco Emergency Responder? If that's the case, updating the information in CER, alone, will not suffice. Updating a conventional ERL address only updates the address and location for the purposes of providing notifications to the alert recipients specified for the ERL.


In order to update what the PSAP sees, you will need to work with your telco to statically assign this information (and perhaps acquire new DIDs for ELINs to service this location) for every ERL/ELIN in use, or, use a 911 solution provider. If you have remote workers or folks who are nomadic, you definitely need a 911 solution provider as they are the only ones that can dynamically update locations in real-time.


Full disclosure - I work for 9Line, a 911 solution provider.

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