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Enable/Disable auto attendant manually from an ip phone

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I have a customer using CUCME and CUE that would like to manually answer incoming calls if they so choose - essentially bypassing the auto attendant at will. The receptionist would dial a number on the phone to disable calls going to the AA so they would instead go to the receptionist extension. When the receptionist leaves the desk, the AA could be put back in use by dialing this same number.

Right now a call comes into an FXO port on the router and sends the call to the CUE AA extension. AA is pretty standard, different options based on a schedule.

One thought I had was to use the night service somehow - that is, send the incoming FXO calls to an ephone-dn first and use call forward all and call forward night service. I'm looking for advice pursuing this route further or on any other solutions.

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Accepted Solutions

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Level 4

The proper solution to this problem is night service:

1. Configure all calls to goto an ephone-dn with a random extension. (a "floating" extension)

2. Set call-forward all to the receptionists extension.

3. Set call-forward night to the auto attendant.

4. Set a night-service code. (this can be dialed to toggle)

5. Make sure the receptionists phone is a night service phone so that she is able to dial the toggle number and see the status of night service (it displays in place of the company name at the bottom of the phone).


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