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error changing phone background Image using <setBackground>

ahlam ali

Hi there,

I'm trying to change the background image using post method to this url  http://myPhoneIP/CGI/Execute

with XML: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><setBackground><background><image>http://myimage.png</image><icon>http://myicon.png</icon></background></setBackground>

content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded, along with basic authorization header 

both of my images are accessible and I have enabled phone personalization setting

but I'm getting this response:

Unsupported Operation Device doesn't support this operation

I checked my phone's console log and found these messages 

 JAVA-HTTP JNI| httpServerHandler: uri=/CGI/Execute
1161 NOT Oct 12 14:27:19.278903 (17139-17379) JAVA-Thread-19|cip.xml.XmlParser:parse - Encoding Updated to UTF-8
1162 ERR Oct 12 14:27:19.280028 (17139-17288) JAVA-HTTP JNI| processHttpRequest: error process connection 14
1163 ERR Oct 12 14:27:19.280797 (17139-17345) JAVA-Cisco/UserPrefs MQThread|cip.prefs.Preferences$5:xmlPushed - The phone could not access the wallpaper list and the wallpaper could not be changed
1164 INF Oct 12 14:27:19.280857 (17139-17304) JAVA-PushThread|cip.push.PushThread:execute - Sleep for 100ms previous= current=Display:On:60 i=0 total=1
1165 WRN Oct 12 14:27:19.280965 (17139-17345) JAVA-Cisco/UserPrefs MQThread|PersonalizationHandler:msui.PersonalizationError - type=Unsupported Operationdate=Device doesn't support this operationhttp.error.code=400




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Adam Pawlowski

IIRC this tells the phone to look at an item on the TFTP server, not an external URL.

I don't think this was officially documented or supported, this and the setRingtone were part of the IP Phone personalization product.

it was accepting both external URL and path on TFTP server as I found on other posts

if it's not supported now, is there any solution to change the background image without changing it manually or using Key press scenario? 


thanks in advance