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Failed to retrieve the file due to unknown error in DMA 7.1.3

Hi Friends,

I have a cluster with 4.2.3 cucm, now i want to move to 7.1.3 version. i have installed DMA 7.1.3 on 4.2.3 cucm publisher and taken the backup.

Now using 7.1.3 bootable am trying to build the cluster. but am getting the error " Failed to retrieve the file due to unknwon error ".

  • i have changed the different tftp and sftp servers and i have shown the path. but it has given the same error.

please suggest me how to move from this problem.

Thank you in advance.

Gajanan Pande
Cisco Employee


What are you trying to do ? Upgrade the CUCM 4.x to 7.x on same box or Installing 7.x on different box ?

Is your server model supported for CUCM 7.x installation ? Check here


Hi Gajanan,

Thanks for the your response.

Am trying on a diffrent box. my server model is supported with 7.x, am trying on MCS 7800 series.(MCS 7835- I3 IBM platform).

Thanks for further details. Could you please confirm the exact error ? I am unable to find anything good w.r.t the error message mentioned in your note.

Also, for my reference, please post the complete MCS server model too.



Hi, I have seen a number of errors during DMA and therefore you probably need to be really specific what the message says and at what point you hit the error.

During our migration we had to fix a number of language issues, however I am sure that's not the issue you have, as the error messages are pretty specific at that point.

Also I am sure you are aware that during the DMA process / upgrade the CUCM solution requires that a new password and pin are set for your extension mobility users. We actually used a product from dominocomms to overcome that and restored approx 8,000 users pin's from CCM4 to CUCM7.1 without any issue. We reacon this saved us about 5 days of support calls, so if you have EM profiles then it might be worth considering.

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