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Finding CLI admin name for CUCM 9.1

We have a cluster of servers that are over 10 years old. We are in the process of changing over the management of them, and that means updating passwords. That is no problem, except for one server. It is a subscriber in the cluster, and when logging into CLI, it doesn't appear to use the same username as the rest of the servers. I was able to change the password using the "set password user admin" command, so I know I have a valid password, but none of the usernames we attempt work. We can login with users that have level 1 access, but not the primary one used during the build. Other than the complete reset on-site using a disk, is there any other way to find the username for the CLI admin access? Show account only works when you are in level 4 access, and if I could get to that level, I wouldn't need the list of other users.

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Re: Finding CLI admin name for CUCM 9.1

I'm not sure there is a way, other than maybe booting your server off of a Linux distro ISO and scanning some files on the system. Sometimes people use Upper Case letters in the name, and it's case sensitive. Try variations in case. Other common names for this account are: admin, Admin, administrator, Administrator, osadmin, OSAdmin, osadministrator, OSAdministrator

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Re: Finding CLI admin name for CUCM 9.1

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