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Garbled Recordings - Jabber only

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Level 1

Hello --

I have a handful of Jabber devices (so far) that have garbled Engage Recordings. It's not every recording but sporadic. Both inbound and outbound - internal and external. No issues with both parties hearing each other, only recordings. No issues with any other type of devices.

  • CUCM Version: (upgraded 4/2023)
  • Built in Bridge: On
  • Recording Media Source: Phone Preferred
  • Has surface within the last couple of weeks, that I know of...

Any insight would greatly be appreciated!


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There is not really much you can do on the CUCM, Jabber side. Because there is no "setting" to fix audio stream issues.
You need to check the network, are there any congestions, QoS marking and forwarding not correct, ...
Jabber is not marking the packets per default with QoS, you have to configure rules in Windows for it to work.

You could run a wireshark trace on the PC and on the recording server during an active recording.
And if the audio stream is good, when leaving the PC, but bad when reaching the recording server, then you might have a problem in your network.

Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

You didn’t mention the Jabber version. If you haven’t already tested with the latest build, please try that. I’m on my phone, so digging around in the bug toolkit isn’t practical, but I seem to remember a defect about this a few years back.

The four devices having the garbled issue are all on I do see that there is a newer Jabber version of 14.3...

I will get them upgraded and see - the issue in intermittently happening on these four devices and we have over 1200 Jabber devices and no other garbled recording issues reported, so far. Most are on 14.1.

Upgrade to Jabber 14.3 did not help with the Garbled recording.