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%SIP-3-INTERNAL: TCP_SOCKET_SEND_BLOCKED: connid= 1073, local_addr=, remote_addr=, remote_port=5060 - All retries are exhausted, deleting pending messages Has anyone ever seen this specific error before in syslog? I couldn't find anythi...

I bought an ATA 190 from eBay.  Open box.  Appears brand new.  But there is no configuration menu.  No Quick Setup or Network Setup.  Reset just brings the same old menu.  On the back is has a label from ANATEL which is Brazil's phone network.  I'm a...

ATA 190 Setup.jpg
Dave Kaye by Beginner
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I have a Cisco CP-7841 and trying to create a "forward all" option on the softkeys.  I have tried to modify the button items but it won't allow me to save the changes.  I have added an attachment to show that it's currently option 21.

ctalavat by Beginner
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Good day,I am pretty new to CUCM, and am trying to figure out how to block ALL outbound calls for a single DN - essentially make it so the phone assigned to that DN can only receive calls. I've played around with CSS/Partitions as I think the solutio...

jello by Beginner
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                   I have a Cisco CP-8831 conference phone and CUCM 9.1. I have added and applied the firmware and related files to CUCM cluster and the system does recognize 8831. I add the phone and the phone is receiving all needed TFTP, CTL infor...

I'm adding a 2nd SIP trunk to SBC/CUBE and am testing with the Test DID. I have outbound calls working but not inbound...I never see the INVITE because I'm not sending SIP 200 OKs in response to the carrier's SIP OPTIONS PING. What do I need in the C...

IP phones not registering to new server after changing the order in cucm group.All the IP phones were registered to Server 1 (old subscriber ). After adding a new subscriber Server 2, we planned to register half of the phones to the new subscriber. H...