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H323 multiple outbound call issue




I got a weired issue , we have H323 trunk between CUCM and Avaya call manager system .The issue is we cannot dial 02 calls at the time to Avaya extensions from Cisco . When 2nd call is placed the 1st call will get disconnected abnormally.This is happening every time. below is what recorded in RTMT for reason for the dropped call. Hope someone can assist me solving this issue.







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Maren Mahoney
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VIP Advocate

Can you provide a longer/fuller output of the trace? Hopefully the reason for the disconnect is in there.

Hi Maren


Full log is attached , appreciate your support. Thanks.


1st call details - 1804 ( Calling no) , 6182 ( Called no/Avaya Extension)

2nd Call details - 1811 ( Calling no) , 6394 ( Called no/Avaya Extension)


You would see multiple cases for the same scenario



So that took me a bit....

Once the call between Boardroom and TrainingRM (1804 to 6182) is established, the next time it is referenced is at this line (Note the 1,100,14,1098 which is a TCP reference to this call)"


13346996.000 |16:13:03.541 |SdlSig   |TcpStopSessionInd                      |restart0                       |H225D(1,100,197,1)               |H225Handler(1,100,196,1)         |1,100,14,1098.5^*^*                      |[R:N-H:0,N:0,L:0,V:0,Z:0,D:0]     ConnPID=(1,100,14,1098)

Because the message is an H323D message (as opposed to a H225Cdpc message), this indicates that CUCM is sending the message rather that receiving it. In each case, this type of message is sent immediately after the call setup message for the second call.

But that, frankly, is as far as I am able to analyze. I suspect the problem is with MTPs, but I can't be sure. Unless someone else on the board is able to help with this, I think it is time to call TAC.

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