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Help, Register a Nokia E51 on Call Manager 7.1.3

Hi, I have a problem.

I need to register a Nokia Call Connect on out CUCM 7.1.3

First I add the phone as S60 Nokia, then I put the MAC address, and everything else, but Call Manager demands to assign a "securty profile" so I created the security profile and I tryied to register the phone again, but this time I recieve this message:

Error MessageAdd failed. [430] This device do not permit security profile

Phone Type
Product Type: Nokia S60
Device Protocol: SCCP

So I Can't register te Phone.

If I disable the Security Profile, then I cant add the phone, Call Manager demands a security profile:

Required Field

Required Fields

Required Field- indicates required item.

I've tried to register the phone as a 7970 SCCP phone, but that trick I think just work for CUCM v4.0 and CUME (I Have 7.1.3)

Can u' help me to register this phone, please.

I will give you a good rate

The software en the nokia is the Following.

Nokia Call Connect 1.1.X (intelly Sync)

Model E51


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I just saw this incident on my call manager. Check for the right drivers then restart the tftp. Next do all the registration. Dont forget to check the mobility and call number on your profile. Verify the user rights, with that have to work. Contact me if it doesnt work.

Hi José,

I've tried what you said, It didn't work :S

Do you have some Screen Shots of the relevant configuration?

And when u' say "The right drivers", I don't know if you're talking about the firmware on the CUCM or the version of software on the phone.

Thanks for your time.